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V6 Outrigger

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What is it?

 The V6 Outrigger is the most ancient boat in the world, used by the Polynesians to explore the islands of the Pacific. It is a canoe with an outrigger connected to the hull by two wooden arms. The V6 Outrigger is a rapid, slender boat that can be used on both calm waters and on the ocean. 

Outrigger Trentham

Who can participate?

The V6 Outrigger is open to all abilities, no experience is required. It will improve fitness and strength while participating in a fun & exclusive activity and making new friends along the way.

Trentham Outrigger Launch

What are training sessions like?

We like to mix it up, so some sessions we will just do a few laps of the lake. In other sessions we will do multiple drills that will help increase your fitness level and but will also improve your paddling skills.

Neil T

Standard session times

Wed: 6pm

V6 Outrigger Representative:

Neil Thompson

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