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Dragon boat

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What is it?

Dragon boating involves single blade paddling in a boat of up to 18 paddlers. It originates from the Far East but dragon boating is becoming a global canoe discipline, both in competition & recreationally. In dragon boat races, each boat has a drummer who helps the team maintain their timing by the beating of the drum and a helm to keep the boat running straight. The aim is to race over a clearly defined unobstructed course in the shortest possible time.

Dragon Boat Crew

Who can participate?

Dragon boating is open to all abilities, no experience is required. Improve fitness and strength while participating in a fun & inclusive activity and making new friends along the way.
There is the opportunity to participate in dragon boat races or simply paddle for pleasure. Join us now to try this fun and exciting discipline.

Dragon Boat Trentham

What are training sessions like?

Our training sessions focus on technique, race starts, and working together as a team.

Lynda W

Main training session times

Thur: 6pm

Dragon boat Representative:

Lynda Whiston

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