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Marathon and Sprint

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What is it?

Marathon – In race kayaks we compete over 4, 8 or 12 miles depending on your level in regional races on canals, rivers and lakes. These races are done individually or in pairs, but count towards the overall club score on race day. Stamina, speed and tactics are all needed to do well in these races as well as carrying the boat through a portage in the higher divisions.

Sprint – These races are over a 200m, 500m or 1km distance going at maximum speed for as long as possible. Racing down lanes means this is about pure speed making you work in the lactic zone and get every last ounce of energy into your paddling. Singles, doubles and 4 person boats are used here.

Race boats are thinner and more streamlined than standard kayaks, and as a result are a little bit more unstable until you are used to them, but do mean you can go faster!
We mostly compete in Marathon races – This video will help you learn some more about it! Click Here

Tandem Kayak Trentham Marathon

Who can participate?

Anyone! Especially those who have a competitive streak, or want to try something a bit different. We race all over the Midlands and North West, so it’s also a good chance to get out and see some of the area’s waterways (at a quick pace of course!)
Even if you’re not competitive, training can just be a great way to stay fit and learn how to make your paddling more efficient.
With a vast array of racing boats of varying stability, the club can provide all the equipment to get you into racing. We have K1, K2 and K4 kayaks as well as C1 and C2 canoes.

Canoe Marathon

What are training sessions like?

Training sessions vary between longer paddles around the lake to get used to the distances involved and more focussed interval training to improve technique and speed. In winter, we also do indoor fitness sessions on spinning bikes and circuit training, as well as using the ergos (the kayaking equivalent of an indoor rowing machine) when it gets too cold and the lake freezes.

Steve Whieldon

Main training session times

Wed: 6pm
Sun: 9am
Racing Representative:

Stephen Whieldon

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