Trentham Canoe Club is an inclusive club offering multiple paddlesport disciplines for people of all abilities

Trentham Canoe Club is a registered CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club). We are one of the largest canoe clubs in Staffordshire offering opportunities for children and adults of all abilities in fun, recreational canoeing and competitive kayaking, Paddle-Ability and Dragon boat sessions.

In the glorious setting of the Trentham Gardens Estate, paddling on the substantial mile long man-made lake, we offer involvement in all popular water disciplines including recreational paddling, marathon and sprint racing, canoe polo, outrigger, dragon-boats and group bell boating

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We have a wide range of kayaks and canoes for general recreational paddling, typically single-seater plastic kayaks and open boat Canadian canoes. Kayaks are great for all-round fitness and individual skill whilst the open canoes can provide a nice alternative for families and friends wanting to share the same boat.

Marathon and Sprint

Trentham Canoe Club has a strong racing section with paddlers involved in endurance and sprint racing disciplines. Race boat sessions take place throughout the week and are available for all ages. Anyone new to racing is welcome to join in and give it a try.

Canoe polo

If you fancy taking your kayaking skills to a higher level with energy and competition, canoe polo is definitely for you. Our teams compete in both regional and national leagues as well as summer tournaments. This discipline might be enjoyed by anyone who plays other team sports or wants to combine technical skills with tactics and teamwork.

Outrigger Canoe

The club has a range of Outrigger canoes, both V1 for individuals and V6 for teams of paddlers. Paddling in time is the key to move the large but streamlined V6's. The rigger arm makes these boats stable for all. Whilst it not quite as warm in Staffordshire as the sandy Hawaiian beaches these boats originate from, the lake is a beautiful environment to cruise around.

Dragon boats

The club has the use of two Dragon-Boats. These crew boats can fit up to 22 people in a team all paddling in time to the sound of the beating drum. The feel of energy and suspense whilst racing side by side with other full boats of people and drummers can be exhilarating. Or they can be used to develop team building skills and socialise with the crew.


These boats are the top choice for junior groups and used regularly by our affiliated scouting and disability groups. It's fantastic seeing the games and fun being had by all during the long summer evenings. The boats can also be used by adult groups and the club has successfully completed the Great River Race on the River Thames in one of these.

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