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Paddle Group Trentham

Trentham Canoe Club


Trentham Canoe Club is an inclusive organisation that

aims to promote both competitive and 

recreational paddlesports activities for all.

We are a registered CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club). As one of the largest canoe clubs in Staffordshire we offer opportunities for children and adults of all abilities in

fun, recreational canoeing and competitive kayaking,

Paddle-Ability and crew boat sessions.
In the glorious setting of the Trentham Gardens Estate, paddling on the substantial mile long man-made lake, we offer involvement in all paddlesport disciplines including recreational paddling, stand-up paddleboarding,

marathon and sprint racing, canoe polo, outrigger,

dragon boats and group bell boating.

Canoe Launching

Weekly Sessions

All sessions are open to all club members.

If you would like to come and give us a try, please use the "Contact Us" link.


09:00 - Race Group

09:30 - General Paddle

09:30 - Paddleboarding


Club Night

18:00 - General Paddle (British Summer Time Only)


18:00 - Race Group

18:00 - V6 Outrigger

18:00 - Paddle-Ability (British Summer Time Only)


18:00 - Dragon Boating

18:00 Paddleboarding (British Summer Time Only)


18:00 - Canoe Polo (British Summer Time Only)

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