The Almost Lockdown – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Eight

By the time you have done this quiz, we will be well into the week where we were first able to get back on the water, LIKE A SIR! Let’s hope there will be many more! Stay safe.

The Almost Lockdown – The Easter Beast

Are you ready? It’s Easter. That means a special quiz, for Good Friday. Stay safe, post your scores.

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Seven

We are almost out of a hard-lockdown, but we will still have some hurdles to jump, as of yet. But, and there is a but, we will be back on the water, as of Monday. So, there’s something to look forward to. Have fun, post your score. Stay safe.

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Six

It’s another week. We are ever closer to some kind of normallity. Here’s to a better summer. Stay safe, enjoy the quiz.

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Five

Hear ye! Hear ye! This be the 35th edition of said quick-quizeths! Enjoyeth yourselfths! No really, enjoy! Stay safe, peeps!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Four

No.34? Wow! The weeks are flying by. We are on our way to a better future. Keep going!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Three

Number 33! If 22 is ‘Two Little Ducks’, then what could 33, be? ‘Two Little Babies’? Have a good one! Stay safe!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-Two

It feels like the weeks are drifting by. Thanks to those of you that joined in, on Wednesday evening. Always a delight! Stay safe and enjoy!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty-One

It’s your 31st chance to wow the readers, people. But…IT’S ONLY A GAME, so whatever score you get, it is still epic! Get posting those scores and stay safe!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Thirty

We’ve hit the big three-zero! Not sure if that’s a good thing, it does remind us of how long we have had lockdown over the past year. Still, chin up and keep strong. Look after yourself, you are important! Be safe and enjoy.

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