Club Aims

Club Aims

Our overall focus is development of placid-water canoeing and kayaking at Trentham and this is achieved by delivering on the following aims:

Local children canoeing through integration with local schools

  • GCSE PE (canoeing element) Years 10 – 11
  • Sprint Competition (Ergos, Lightnings & K2 team)
  • Paddlepower Scheme Years 4 – 9
  • Kayaking & bellboating introductory sessions
  • Develop outrigger canoeing
  • Disabled paddlers and special schools


  • Promoting placid-water & relaxed paddling, particularly aimed at those put off by the adventurous white water image of canoeing: eg senior/elderly, families & disabled
  • Regular weekly club night open to all
  • British Canoeing 1 & 2 star awards and Paddlepower schemes


  • Regular training sessions for sprint & marathon paddlers with specific time for Lightning (under 12 years development sessions)
  • Regular weekly club night open to all

Training coaches and encourage volunteers

  • Advanced and enthusiastic recreational and racing paddlers should be encouraged to consider progressing to coaching status through assessment
  • A Community Amateur Sports Club needs volunteers and this is not just on the water, eg – carrying boats, bank support, fundraisers, club house maintenance

​Work with local schools, council, other sports clubs and local media to promote opportuntities

  • Over 1000 potential paddlers in local schools (schools)
  • Over 250,000 potential paddlers in Stoke on Tent (council)
  • Over 250,000 potential paddlers in Stoke on Trent (media)