Bell-Boating and Paddle-Groups at Trentham Canoe Club

Timetable: Held throughout the week during the warmer months. Please contact us to find out more about being on the water during the new season. (

The club has two boats that are used regularly throughout the warm season. Scouts and other groups come down for an exciting trip on the lake. At times, Chris and Dave will offer the use of different boats for the children to try. The use of the Bell-Boats is far more popular; the children are placed in their teams and challenged with games from the centre-deck of the dual-hulls.

Every week, the lake is adorned by the giggles and screams of children that are forming new skills and, quite simply, enjoying themselves. Groups that come to the clubhouse, are from different organisations, such as, the Scouts or disability-support-units. There is nothing like the sound of the children relishing the time they spend on the water; the coaches that do this, are second to none!

Representatives: Chris and Dave


Trentham Canoe Club