Below, you will find all of the previous quizzes, should you want to have a go. Good luck, enjoy!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Twenty-Eight

We are at 28!!! Just in case you don’t know, pop and have a go at our Big Quiz, on 17th February, at 7pm. It’s all on Zoom, so grab the details from the image, at the end of this quiz, and come and say hello. Happy Quizzing!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Twenty-Seven

Another week has passed and we are a week and a half into this new Lockdown period. I hope you are safe, let’s keep it up. Enjoy!

The Lockdown v3.0 – Quick-Quiz Twenty-Six

Well, we’ve reached another Lockdown. I hope you are all keeping away from those germs, and that you are finding ways to keep busy with work and play, at home, or somewhere safe. Be safe, see you soon.

The New Year’s Day – Quick-Quiz Twenty-Five

Happy New Year to you and all. We’ve made it to 2021, I wonder what this year has in-store for us. Have a go and post your scores. You could just say hello? Today’s questions are all about WHAT YEAR! When did these happen? Be safe!

The Christmas Day – Quick-Quiz Twenty-Four

Merry Christmas, you filthy animal… Welcome to Trentham Canoe Club’s Christmas Day Quick-Quiz, another ten questions for you to have a go at. For the big day, it’s all about the adverts. Have fun!