Pool sessions

Pool Sessions

During the autumn/winter period from September to March, the club runs weekly swimming pool based sessions at the local Trentham Community Sports Centre. Pool sessions are a great way to increase water confidence in a safe environment. Whether you’re looking to improve your support strokes or learn to roll a kayak, join us in the warmth of our heated swimming pool!

These relaxed sessions can be coach-led or self-managed and everyone is welcome. We’ll be introducing ‘theme nights’ from October but the first few weeks are general practice sessions open to all.

If you’re not presently a club member, and you’ve never been in a boat before or have only done the occasional paddle this is the perfect place to have a go. You can try out the boats and experience paddling in a warm, controlled environment. After a few sessions many newcomers progress to paddling with us on the lake at Trentham Gardens.  To book a place, e-mail info@trenthamcanoeclub.co.uk to get details of taster session dates and prices.

For those looking to progress in a kayak our coaches can help you from basic capsize drills to the more complex screw rolling and hand rolling however the pool is not just a place to learn rolling but is also useful to practice safety and rescue moves and as well as general paddling strokes. If you have any particular skills that you wish to tackle please ask at the beginning of the session.

All equipment is provided. There are a variety of boats, paddles and spraydecks available. You just need to bring your fee in cash, a swimming costume and towel. Swimming goggles and nose clips can help if you are planning to practice a lot of rolling but aren’t essential. We recommend alway wearing a technical top or t-shirt.

Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can check-in and pay in good time, get changed and select a boat to be ready to make full use of our 60 minute session. Cash is payable the beginning of the session. 

Club members are welcome to bring their own boat however it must be SPOTLESSLY CLEAN (ie as new).

Each session costs £5 per person (club members).