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Timetable: Wednesday (6-7:30pm): Not available in Winter. Runs April-October.

British Canoeing uses the term Paddleability to refer to all activity for disabled people, be it specialist activity or as part of mainstream opportunities. The term Paddleability focuses on a person’s ability to take part in paddle-sport rather than their disability.

We offer regular sessions in all craft, including: Recreational-Boats, Racing-Boats, Canadian Canoes, Outriggers and Bell-Boats.

Paddleability sessions enable disabled people to take part in activity with other disabled people as part of a club or groups specifically for disabled people or, more frequently, alongside their non-disabled friends and family.

Trentham Canoe Club offers regular Paddleability sessions with access to our own Dragon boats run by Dave and Lynda Whiston and Gavyn Rudd. To find out more please email

Paddleability restarts on 12th August, from 6:15pm. (Current members only…for now.)

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Our Group – October ‘2018


2019’s Season


The 2018 Season came to a close:

Just like a big-family; well-done guys; another ‘superb‘ year. We look forward to 2019!

Representative: Gavyn (with support from Dave.)

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