Committee and coaches

Committee and Coaches

These are some of the volunteer faces you’ll see regularly around the club. They are the people that run Trentham Canoe Club and keep you safe while paddling. If you have any questions about any aspect of the club or canoeing in general, please come and chat.
Helen Randall
Chris Haigh
Vice Chairman and
TWA Director
Lynda Whiston
Hadrian Smith
​Treasurer and Coach
Carol Nixon
Welfare Officer
Phil Roberts
Safety Officer and Coach
Graeme Haigh
Coaching / Racing  Representative and Coach
Dave Whiston
Disability Representative and Coach
Rob Holdway
​Polo Representative
Pete Willet
​Polo Coach
Chris Voisey
Equipment Officer
​and Coach
Marie Myatt
Dave Chapman
​Scout Representative
​and Coach
Hannah Smith
Stephen Baddeley
George Randall
Junior Representative
Elliot Coops
Junior Representative