Weekly Timetable (Scroll down for the Monthly Round-Up.)

You’ll find us out paddling on Trentham lake several times a week. Our sessions are by prior arrangement only until you become a Member – please email to find out more.

The Winter Timetable looks like this:


Racing-Sessions: ​(Led by: Marie Myatt)

Monday (5:45-7pm): Interactive Sessions. (Via, Facebook)

Wednesday (5:45-7:30pm): On the water.

Friday (5:30-6:15pm): On-shore training/On the water.

Sunday (9:30-11am): Mixed training session. (Usually on the water.)


Polo Sessions: (Led by: Rob Holdway)



Recreational:  (Led by: Hadrian Smith)

Sunday (9.30am-11am): Recreational paddling and coach-led race training (when not attending a race event)
We often run paddling trips on Sundays – keep an eye on our News page!


Paddle-Ability: (Led by Gavyn Rudd)

Wednesday (6-7:30pm): Not available in Winter. Runs April-October.

Dragon-Boats: (Led by: Dave Whiston)

Thursday (6-7:30pm): On the water. (Spaces are available.)


V6-Outrigger: (Led by: Michelle Hulmes)

Monday (6-7:30pm): On the water. (Please email us to check on available spaces.)

Wednesday (6-7:30pm): On the water. (Please email us to check for available spaces.)



Scouts and Paddle-Groups: (Led by: Chris Voisey and Dave Chapman)

Held throughout the week during the warmer months. Please contact us to find out more about being on the water during the 2019 season. (

Please note that there are NO pool sessions during this year’s Winter-Season.

Monthly Round-Up

Here you’ll find important dates of races, trips and other canoe club events that are coming in the near future.

January-March 2019

Winter Talks: (TBC)

December 2018

The Club’s Mid-Term ‘Tidy-Up and Check’: 9.12.18 (10:30am)

Christmas-Meal: 21.12.18 – Taking place at Totally Delicious, Trentham.

Christmas-Paddle: 23.12.18 – This year, it is in conjunction with the Breakfast-Paddle, too!

Club Trip: 28.12.18 – The Shugborough Loop (TBC)


Trentham Canoe Club