Update and Loot-Crates…

Hello everybody, my apologies for the delay in the new post, but I am still here and looking forward to providing the club with a running commentary of what is happening.

The thing I most wanted to let you know about was the new paddles that have arrived at the club-house. We are now treated to new Outrigger paddles that have adjustable handles, negating the issue of having length issues when on the water. What a boon! A carbon shaft, and lightweight fixings, make these a great choice by our V6 leader and team.

We’ll get an outcome for how these are when they first hit the water. I am sure they will provide the club with many years of service.

It would be rude to not mention that our Dragon-Boats are still going for it, hitting the water (and ice) on a Thursday evening. Make sure you pop down and make yourself known to Dave, be one of the team, today. (Such fun!)

Good luck to the Polo team on Sunday, our B-Team are raring to go and they will do us all proud, I am sure! 

A quick introduction to the new sign for the boathouse, this is going to be up in the club-room and possibly downstairs, too. Taking pride in our club’s home, and our resources, is common sense, but this is a nice reminder. Let’s love our space!

Is there anything you would like to add to this blog, I also copy this into the news page on the site, so you can read it there, too. Make sure you send me any images for the archive, I love updated pictures for here and Facebook. Feel free to let me know if you want something on the site or Facebook, criticism is also welcome, just don’t be mean, I might cry.

Good times, be safe!