Into the Winter (A NoteAfloat -Blog)

Hello, and welcome to another blog entry for Trentham Canoe Club. Having had our first official committee meeting since the new roles were announced, we are making plans for trips and paddles.

As these are confirmed, they will be updated to all forms of communication, at least those that we offer, anyway. It is amazing how quick time is passing, before we know it, it will be the warm season and things can be normal, once more.

I want to ask you a question. Is there anything that you would like to see on the website? With the first phase wrapping up, I want to look at new extras that we could try and use. These will be beyond the basics, such as, more photos; This is something that is being worked on, and will progress over the next twelve months. Drop me a line via the website; the Media Contact form is like a train track to my phone’s email client!

As we verge on the new idea of using more than two forms of communication, I want us to keep Email at the heart of it. Using email is direct and ‘report -able’, I know that isn’t a true word, but it sounds good and gets to the point! With the use of Facebook being fast and semi-reliable, we are not always watching the walls, therefore must rely on Email as our first port-of-call. There will be more about this in the coming months.

The website has no Membership Form to download, but will soon. The new GDPR compliant one is on its way to me, and shall be uploaded in the very near future.

Make sure you check out the new avatars on the Committee page. They look great and are 95% complete. Mine is at the bottom of this post, so take a look.

I have just purchased a new set of Palm gloves for the winter paddles and will review these on the next blog. I am hoping to get on the water, this Sunday.

Until then, happy paddling, stay safe, stay lit!

Media/Press – Gavyn