The Arrival of the TCC Outrigger – September ‘2018

On the 24th Of September, the Club’s ‘Tedi-Sport’ V6 Outrigger arrived with its fresh look. Ready to paddle-out. Check out the Facebook post, below from the day after: (25.9)


Yesterday our new V6 Outrigger Canoe arrived from Tedi Sport in Poland. We will be running sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings on the water by 6.30pm.

If anyone is interested please contact Michelle Hulmes through Trentham Canoe Club Outrigger Group

It’s great to see the club continuing it’s growth and offering such a wide range of paddle sport disciplines!! There has been a big push to raise funds for this boat so well done to all those involved and thank you to anyone who has supported the cause!!

Hopefully we’ll see you on the water soon! 


View the rotating images from the post here

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