BC 2 Star Training/Assessment

Saturday August 19th (9:30am – 4:00pm)

Open to anyone who is interested in completing their 2 star award whether you are ready or not! 🙂 If you are ready you will get your 2 star and if not you will get feedback. 

This will be a full day with a lunch break and getting wet for the last hour. You will need lunch, paddling kit and a change of clothes.

I’m also happy to give some coaching feedback so if any other coaches or aspiring coaches would like to join you can come along and I will be happy to let you help participants and give any feedback I can.

Message me to tell me you are attending, whether you are ready or just wanting feedback or if you are a coach/ aspiring coach.

​Hopefully we can get lots down for the day.

Graeme Haigh.